Veils: A Beginner’s Guide

Veils: A Beginner’s Guide

To veil or not to veil? That is the question. Veils can often be confusing, and spring a lot of questions into your shopping experience like what length to choose, and how much detail it should have. While our stylists are experts at pairing veils with our fabulous gowns, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the world of veils and decide which style is for you.


Detail-Edged Veils:



These veils typically have lace or beading which is contained to the outer edge of the fabric, and as such will pair well with any dress. A detail-edged veil will add dimension to your bridal look, without layering more detail onto the back of your dress. 

If you have a lacy or more detailed dress, a good idea is to have the lace or beading on the veil match the detail on your dress. This way, your veil ties everything together to give an effortlessly cohesive bridal look. Or, if your dress is a clean satin or crepe, a detail-edged veil will continue the minimalistic theme of your look. In either case, these veils are a romantic finish to any bridal look. 


Scatter Veils:



A scatter veil will have details dotted throughout the entire fabric, and are some of the most detailed veils which you will find. They can be adorned with lace, 3D appliques, sparkles, or - our personal favourite - pearls. They are a simple way to make an eye-catching statement.

As such, we love to pair these veils with a sleek and minimalistic dress to add a touch of drama. However, there is no such thing as too much on your wedding day, and matching the appliques on a scatter veil to your dress can create an extraordinary bridal look. 





A plain veil is made of simple tulle, with no additional adornments or lace. They are a versatile accessory which compliments any bridal look. They work well with any bridal gown, and always add a romantic air of tradition. 

If the clean and classic look is what you’re looking for, pairing a plain veil with a simple dress is always gorgeous. Or, if your dress has lots of lace or embellishments, this is a great way to finish your look without drawing your guest’s eyes away from you and your dress.





These are short veils which would finish at around your fingertips. They allow for more freedom of movement than a longer veil, and you could easily keep one on all night long without worrying about anybody stepping on it. 

Fingertip veils are perfect for the laid back bride and look amazing with any kind of dress. They are a very easy way to achieve an effortlessly bridal look. Fingertip veils give off a flirty and fun vibe, and are a really good way to showcase this side of your personality. 


Wings & Capes:



Wings and capes are a unique alternative to a veil, which typically attach to the shoulder of your dress and flow behind you to give the same effect of a long tulle train. Wings are a great way to achieve a modern and fashion-forward bridal look, while still paying homage to tradition. 

We love the way that wings look with a low or illusion back dress. The draping on either side can really accentuate the shape of your back, or compliment the illusion detail. Wings can also make for stunning photographs, particularly when they flow behind you in the wind.