How To Prepare For Your Bridal Appointment

How To Prepare For Your Bridal Appointment

You’ve found the one; you’ve got engaged, and now the fun can begin. Finding your wedding dress is one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that’s really special.


You might be feeling excited, nervous and maybe even overwhelmed by the thought of shopping for your bridal gown. After all, it’s certainly not something you do every day, and you probably haven’t tried on any dresses of this kind before.


Fear not! With the right preparation and your bridal stylist on hand to guide you through your appointment, we’ll make your wedding dress appointment an unforgettable experience.


Before you come for your bridal appointment, here are some things that you can do to get ready.


Spend some time researching


We want you to get the most from your bridal appointment, and we’re sure you do too. Spend some time looking through InstagramPinterest or bridal magazines to get an idea of the different styles. Don’t worry if you’re not sure – that’s why we’re here.


Save images wherever works for you; create a scrapbook, an album on your phone or a private board on Pinterest.


At The White Collection, our two boutiques in Portishead and Clevedon have different vibes. It also means we stock a fab range of designers. If you need any help choosing which of our wedding dress shops in Bristol you should visit, get in touch.


So, whether you’re after a mesmerising Made With Love gown, a beautiful Berta, an enchanting Enzoani or something else, we’ve got you covered.



Bring those who are important in your life


If you cannot imagine having your ‘yes’ moment without your mum, best friend or someone else who is significant to you, make sure you book an appointment for when they can attend. As the majority of our brides say yes during their first visit, you want to be prepared.


On this note, think about who you want to bring. While you may love the idea of having all your bridesmaids, your mum, nan and many more, too many opinions can be confusing. Think less is more, and only invite those whose opinion means something to you.


Consider what you’re going to wear


No, we’re not talking about the outfit you choose to wear to your appointment, although feel free to go ahead and dress up! When trying on bridal gowns, try to wear underwear that matches your skin tone as closely as possible.


Many brides-to-be also choose to remove their bra, as it gives you a better impression of how the dress will look. That said, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible, so do what is right for you.


Spend time getting ready


On your wedding day, you will probably have your hair and make-up professionally done. While there is no need to do that for your bridal appointment, it’s a good idea to spend a little time creating a look that will make you feel like a bride.


If you’re planning on wearing your hair up for your wedding, doing this for your bridal appointment can give you a better idea of how you will look on your wedding day.



Before your appointment


At The White Collection, we ask you to send your Pinterest board or screenshots to us so that we can give you the best experience.

The more information you give us when booking and when chatting with us, the better. Giving us information such as your normal dress size, the location, and the theme of your wedding can all help us pull an edit that you’ll love.


What’s your budget?


Money is always a tricky subject, so it’s best to have a rough idea of how much you want to spend before you start searching. If you’re lucky enough to be hitting up the bank of Mum and Dad, Gran or someone else, try to make time for that conversation before your bridal appointment.

The price of wedding gowns can vary, and you are better off not trying on a dress and falling in love with it before you realise you cannot afford it. Trust us, it’s not worth tormenting yourself in this way.


At The White Collection, you’ll find we cater for a variety of budgets, so most brides will find something they love.

Don’t forget to budget for your wedding dress alterations. The majority of brides need some alterations to get that perfect fit.

At The White Collection, we work closely with Abigail Westrup Bridal, meaning you can get your alterations within budget and know that you’re going continue your experience.


Your bridal stylist is your new best friend


We want the best for our brides, and we have seen many brides-to-be in our wedding dresses. It can be incredibly hard to imagine what a wedding dress will look like until you try it on but don’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone.


Go to your appointment with an open mind and trust your bridal stylist. We’ll listen to you, find out what you like and dislike about dresses so that we can find you your perfect gown.


We’re here to help you find wedding dresses for your body type, taste and budget, and you can trust that you’ll be in great hands!



Getting ‘the feeling’


Many brides wonder when they’ll know which wedding dress is theirs. You may have heard of ‘the feeling’ that you get when you try the right gown on for you. Go with your gut; if you feel amazing and you can’t stop thinking about that dress, it’s probably the one for you.

The magical moment is a fantastic feeling, so embrace it and say yes to the dress!


So, when should you start shopping?


As soon as you get engaged, you might be eager to hit the wedding boutiques and try on your favorite gowns. Or perhaps the thought of your search means you keep putting it off. The key is to start shopping at the right time.


When it comes to bridal wear, the more time you save yourself, the more choice you will have. Depending on the designer, buying a wedding dress typically takes anywhere from 6 months to a year or more after ordering. Make sure you don’t leave it too late so that you can find the dress of your dreams.


Nevertheless, if there’s a dress you fall in love with, yet you’re worried about your timeframe, chat to us. Many designers offer a rush option for an extra cost, which means you can have your perfect wedding dress in time for your special day.


Don’t forget to make the day special


Finding your wedding dress is a momentous occasion, so why not choose to make a day of it? You could arrange to go for lunch before or after, and of course, you can always go out for bubbles to celebrate afterwards!



Book your appointment today


Once you’ve found your wedding dress, the fun doesn’t stop there. You’ll come back to us for your dress arrival, which is a very special moment.


In the meantime, you can celebrate your find, sit back, relax and finish all your other preparations. Oh, and let’s not forget to mention that you can look forward to impressing everyone on your big day.


We wish you all the best with your search for your dream wedding dress. See you soon!


Love TWC x