Why taking photos in your bridal appointment is a bad idea

Why taking photos in your bridal appointment is a bad idea

Why taking photos in your bridal appointment is a bad idea. Mobile Image

Jul 06, 2022

Why is it a Mistake to Take Photos During Your Bridal Appointment?


As bridal stylists, one question we always get is, ‘can we take a photo?’. We get it; when trying on wedding dresses, it can get confusing, and you want to be able to look back and remind yourself of each one. 


But, trust us when we say it’s not a good idea.


When you find a dress you love, you want to be completely in the moment. No photo can recreate that feeling you had when you were in the dress, no matter how good your bridal party’s photo skills might be!


That feeling says it all

When a bride steps out of the dressing room in a dress she loves, you can see it. It’s not just in her facial expressions but her whole demeanour that changes. She walks with confidence, stands up straight, and she exudes CONFIDENCE. 


No photo is ever going to capture this. If anything, photos lead to confusion. Trust your gut and go with the dress that makes you feel incredible! And, if you feel amazing: you will look AMAZING!


Remember: the fit isn’t right


During your appointment, you’re trying on our wedding dresses in our sample sizes. Whilst we have a wide range of sizes available at our boutiques, a photo will not show how the dress will fit when it is adjusted completely to your measurements. 

Save the photos for your photographer on the day, and let them capture you in your complete bridal look. 


Photos lead to wobbles


When you say yes to your dress, it’s because you love it. Very occasionally, brides go away, look at their photos, zoom in and generally pick them apart. The result: they have a wobble about their dress. 


Of course, we’ll always see you again if you have a wobble, but as soon as that bride steps back into their dress, they realise they do love it, and the pictures didn’t do it justice. 


You can’t beat professional photography


Sure, camera phones have come a long way, but they still cannot beat a professional photographer. Of course, you can get some good photos on a phone, but is it ever going to be as good as an expensive camera that’s designed only for photography?

Photographers consider lighting, positioning and many other factors before taking the shot. They also spend time editing their photos after your wedding, so you only see their best shots. 


Be in the moment


No photo can ever tell you how you feel. Ultimately, when you’re in a dress and everything tells you that you LOVE it, trust your instincts, not technology.