Is it the Right Time to Look for Your Wedding Dress?

Is it the Right Time to Look for Your Wedding Dress?

Is it the Right Time to Look for Your Wedding Dress?. Mobile Image

Sep 24, 2022

Finding your wedding dress is one of those momentous occasions that you will always look back on. You want it to be everything you have ever dreamed of. But is there a right time for this? Can you be too early or even too late?


Is it too early for me to find my wedding dress?


The simple answer is probably not! If you’re someone that likes to feel organised, then finding your dress early can give you a sense of control and relief. Once you find your dress, brides often find that the rest of their wedding plans fall into place. 


If you’re concerned that another dress might come out that you love or you’ll change your mind, it’s worth remembering that you have said yes for a reason. It is very rare for a bride to change her mind once she’s made her decision. Even if you go back and try others, usually, you’ll go back to the dress you first picked!


Of course, there will always be new dresses that are released. You cannot try every dress in the world, even if you are a super-shopper! Delaying your yes moment also leads to the disappointment that the dress you first found is no longer available and cannot be ordered.


The best advice is to look for your dress when you are ready to find the one. 


Is there such a thing as being too late?


If you have less than six months until your wedding date, it’s not too late but you may not have as much choice as you would if you look for your wedding dress 1-2 years before your wedding date. 


It is often surprising how long a dress takes to order and make. Remember, when you order a dress from The White Collection, it is being made for you, and you want to make sure there is plenty of time to avoid disappointment. 


Should you find yourself in a position where you have less than six months, why not book an appointment at The White Outlet? You can choose from off-the-peg designer dresses and still get your dream bridal look.


Guests and your appointment


Before you make your appointment, think carefully about who you want to be there for your ‘yes’ moment. 


Most of our brides find their dress in their very first appointment. When you find your dress, you cannot recreate that excited and elated feeling that you got. That’s why it’s worth booking an appointment at a time when whoever is most important to you can be there. So, whether that is mum, an auntie, sister or best friend, consider whose opinion you value. 


Are you ready to say yes to your dress? Book your appointment online today at The White Collection. We can’t wait to see you!